Working Permit

September 1st, 2015 saw the enforcement of amendments to the Law on Foreign Nationals Employment. Some of the amendments have simplified the employment process for Slovenian companies with regard to nationals of non-EU countries, while others have made it more complicated. One such complication is the replacement of a work permit with an internal official document, the so-called approval of employment service.

At present there are five popular types of employment approval for foreign workers in Slovenia:

– for temporary work;

– for a foreign representative;

– for a qualified professional;

– for high-end / rare specialist (blue card);

– private.

Each of them have different requirements or varied sets of requirements with regard to a company employing a foreigner, a candidate seeking work approval in Slovenia, and to working conditions (such as working hours, scope of duties, salary level).

Also, each type of approval may have both advantages (for example, the holder of a blue card immediately gets a two-year residence permit and has the right to stay in Slovenia after the end of the employment contract, in order to find a new employer or to start a business) and limitations (in particular, a foreigner employed by a Slovenian company as a skilled specialist cannot change employers without first verifying a vacancy in the labor market and getting a new work approval).

If you are interested in the possibility of getting a work approval for a foreigner in Slovenia, please contact us anytime for a consultation, and we will help you to determine the best type of a work approval, and explain the requirements to obtain it. If you later decide to carry out the procedure for obtaining a work approval with our professional support, consultancy costs will be credited to it.