Virtual office

No company or entrepreneur can be registered in Slovenia without having a legal business address and the landlord should officially approve the location of a company or an entrepreneur at his address. And obviously not every businessman owns a property suitable for registering a company.
Acquiring a virtual office you get a legal address for your business in an actual office where your correspondence will be collected and handled. It is not rare for the company employees to be located away from the legal address of the office. This is what is meant by a virtual office.

Our service includes not only registration of the legal address but also handling of the incoming correspondence and access to our office facilities (working space, printers and copiers, wi-fi) for your business solutions.

Our virtual office service would be most beneficial if:

  • You have not yet decided on your office actual address;
  • You are out of Slovenia and cannot receive correspondence addressed to your company;
  • You had planned to register your business at your home address but could not receive approval of your landlord;
  • You do not find it prestigious to have your office registered address at your home address;
  • You want to have your business in a certain jurisdiction but your actual operation and physical presence is in another one.

Monthly payment for our virtual office service is from 30 to 100 euros.