S.P. Registration

Registering an s.p. (self-employed entrepreneur) is one of the options available to set up and conduct a business in Slovenia, having its own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages in comparison with d.o.o.

On the one hand, the government strongly encourages growth of the number of self-employed entrepreneurs by providing tax incentives for the first two years of business operation. On the other hand, an s.p. has the substantial disadvantage of monthly tax and social allocations regardless of whether the actual operation is carried out and whether the entrepreneur has any revenue.

Furthermore, there are different forms of s.p., in particular based on the type of tax and management accounting reports distinguishing between standardly applied tax rates, or the so-called “normiranets”, simple accounting and traditional double-entry accounting.

Therefore, the decision to open an s.p. should be based on careful analysis and consideration of all the nuances.  Besides, future growth shall be considered as well.  For those who do not apply standard rates (non-“normiranets”) a progressive taxation is applied which is obviously not always beneficial.

We are ready to offer you the first consultation on prospective opening of an s.p. taking into account the specific nature of your plans and activities. In case you later decide to start an s.p. registration with our full support, this consultation is free.

Our services with regard to registration of a self-employed entrepreneur cost 400 euros.

We are also ready to offer you, if required, a virtual office and an accounting services package meeting your requirements.