Ltd. Registration

Registration of a Limited Liability Company in Slovenia is the first really important step in creating a business, as it involves not only the fulfillment of a number of formal procedures, but also entry of the authorized capital (7,500 euros).

The procedure itself is relatively simple and requires only some preparation, accuracy and a clear determination of purpose from a prospective businessman.

What you need is:

  • to choose a bank to service your company-to-be and make an appointment  to pay the authorized capital;
  • give the company a name, which has to be unique and easily distinguishable from those similar as well as relevant to the type of your business activity. To make the actual registration process faster, it makes sense to reserve the chosen name beforehand.
  • select an appropriate address to register the company. As an option, sign a contract for a virtual office or obtain the written consent of your landlord;
  • compile a list of activities that your company will be engaged in (all activities are listed in the official register).
  • come in person to the nearest AJPES branch or e-VEM office with your identity document and tax identification number and apply for registration of a company;
  • transfer the amount of your authorized capital to the bank account, get the confirmation and provide it to the registration authority;
  • within 2-14 days your company will actually be registered, and will receive its tax and identification numbers. Then all you need is to open a corporate bank account in the selected bank.

The procedure is not complicated. However, if you value your time, and we understand that any successful business starts long before the company registration — with market research, demand analysis, communication with potential customers and establishing partner relationships — we are ready to carry out the procedure on your behalf.

Registration of a company on your behalf costs 400 euros.

If required, we can also offer you our virtual office service and accounting support. In that case you’ll get company registration for 300 euros.