LTD. Liquidation

Except for cases of compulsory closure, there is nothing particularly scary or unpleasant in the procedure of liquidation. Since good companies are rarely resold (and it makes no sense to sell a bad company), while the supervisory authorities do not look favourably on the transfer of ownership from one person to another, d.o.o., which are no longer needed by their owners are, as a rule, simply closed.

The most common reasons for closing d.o.o. are as follows:

  • transition to s.p. (we offer a registration service for individual entrepreneurs  among other services);
  • official employment by another company.

And although the company liquidation process in Slovenia is relatively simple, it is necessary to treat it carefully. Key milestones are:

  • preparation and submission of the final accounting report for the Finance Service;
  • the closure of all company bank accounts;
  • repayment of all types of debts to third parties, especially to public authorities and employees;
  • Notification to the Social Insurance Service on termination of employment in the company for each of the former employees, including the director.

If you want your company’s liquidation procedure to be organized properly and carried out as quickly as possible, you can trust it to us. The cost of this service is from 500 to 700 euros depends on conditions.