Slovenia is not a country where the government hampers business development. However, running a business is never easy. When you have to tackle all the formalities, bureaucracy and legal framework it does not make it easier to focus on your primary activity and generating as high a profit as possible.

Thus, our aim is to address all of the above-mentioned issues on the basis of consultancy subscription. What do our clients get? In short, the right to our counsellor advice at any time, reliable information, and a clear reply to various questions related to their operation at a fixed monthly price.

The benefit of our offer is your confidence that any complicated issue or any concern or any formality you suddenly, or regularly encounter would be timely and properly resolved for a reasonable monthly lump-sum. It is much more cost-effective than paying an hourly rate for every consultation. And it is also more convenient as you do not need to look for various experts to address various issues – in case we are not able to solve the problem with our in-house resources we will find and contact filed experts ourselves. All you need to do is send us your inquiries.

For example, you may contact us about (but not limited to) the following:

  • tax burden optimization;
  • labor relations, staff hire;
  • getting licenses for various activities;
  • product certification;
  • contractual formation;
  • customs clearance;
  • financial reports;
  • interaction with officials;
  • work permits for foreigners;
  • business operations outside Slovenia and/or European Union;
  • litigations;

Consultancy on the above issues is covered by package BUSINESS. Apart from business issues we also deal with personal and household matters (such as replacement of driving licenses, extension of residence permit, learning the Slovenian language, renting of apartments, family re-union, education of children, etc). Foreigners can take advantage of our extended package BUSINESS + FAMILY. For more information please contact us any comfortable way.

And also you could get consultation by 80 euros per hour.