Every businessman in Slovenia, either business owner or self-employed, has an obligation to report to the tax authorities. Hence there is a need for an accountant.

Though there are many accountants, it is not easy to find a good one.  The problem is not simply that elementary mistakes can result in significant fines to the company, but in the fact that an accountant has to guess in advance his client’s needs.

Not every accountant will notify his client — if his company, for example, employs a foreigner — that it is possible to issue employee tax residency, thus reducing the size of the wage fund. Moreover, not every accountant is willing to spend time to understand the nuances of his client’s activities and find legitimate opportunities to reduce the tax base.

That is why we decided to create our own high-quality and 100% customer-oriented service, where the staff will not only perform the mandatory monotonous work, but will really help clients to optimize costs.

As companies may be at different stages of development, we have provided three main packages for accounting services.




For companies, where the activities are not yet or no longer conducted,  “frozen” businesses, or those on sale. For operating businesses with 1 or 2 employees and no more than 20 incoming / outgoing invoices per month. For companies with a large number of incoming and outgoing invoices. The package also includes accounting support for up to 5 employees and an annual report.
  • 30 euros per month
  • 65 euros per month for non VAT payers
  • 75 euros per month for VAT payers
  • 100 euros  for annual report
  • 150 euros per month not depending on VAT status
  • 100 euros  for annual report

In addition to the above-mentioned standard tariffs we can offer you an individual approach, and the development of an accounting service package optimal for your particular situation.