All our services are aimed at making the life of entrepreneurs in Slovenia easier. Our most popular services are accounting and consultancy on the basis of a monthly subscription.

Every businessman in Slovenia knows he needs an accountant. And the costs of accounting are basically taken as expenses, as an ordinary accountant is not oriented to assist in business but to simply perform his accounting duties. Our accounting service is focusing on adding real value to businesses through our expert advice and training, as well as tax optimization.

Monthly subscription to our consultancy service allows our clients to feel confident in any situation and get professional advice in solving any problem, starting from acquiring business licenses to correspondence with government authorities.

The scope of our services – proven by years of experience – is not limited. We are always ready to extend it to meet the requirements of our clients and offer tailor-made service to everyone. Therefore, we are happy to receive enquiries on new services. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any concern you have.