About Us

Smart Service d.o.o. is something more than just an office of several employees with limited scope. And our aim is larger than just creating greater and greater profit every quarter or annum. We envisage ourselves as an ally helping to promote entrepreneurship in Slovenia by utilizing our skills. In particular, what we can do is:

  • to optimize your business costs;
  • to provide a high-quality accounting service on behalf of our clients, foreseeing their needs and requirements and helping to optimize the tax burden within a legal framework;
  • to provide consultancy on various matters related to doing business in Slovenia;
  • to find field experts and counsellors with the required expertize in case the questions you raise are beyond our scope;
  • to connect people who could be useful to each other;
  • to track changes in legislation, get to know their interpretation and application by government officials and to assist our clients in incorporating those changes in their activity.

For several years our team of experts has lent a helping hand to businessmen, addressing their concerns and issues. We have sorted out the legal requirements of their operations, got them out of predicaments caused by the incompetency of others and led them through inspections, litigations and bureaucratic obstacles in Slovenia. Besides this, we have contributed to a number of reliable business relations and partnerships.

We work for you!


Our key function is to provide budget-friendly and high-quality services fostering growth of your business. Our mission is to optimize the time, money and mental resources that you spend on auxiliary activities, letting you focus on what drives you and brings you profit.